Nymphs rain

inspired by Greek Mythology the Hyades were the nurses of Zeus at Dodona. After the birth of Dionysus, they carried the young god on Mount Nysa and set him in Ina. Zeus then transported to heaven to protect them from the wrath of Hera. Today they are old stars gave their great influence, as they thought these sisters presided over the rain. Their appearance in the sky heralded the arrival of the rainy season. Indeed, the heliacal position their constellation in November, marked the beginning of the rainy season in Greece, therefore, they were called "rainy" Ambrosia, Cleya, Coronis, Dione, Eudore, Ésylé, Polyxo, Phaeo, Phésyle .

they are made from linen and other biodegradable materials to be as close to nature, with old methods to meet my ethics to pollute as little as possible your environment with dangerous materials, and stay closer to colors that make me vibrate. Materials mostly recycled and natural color pigments.