Ideas canvas

Alexandre and the life , 200x200cm, technique mixte - Rated by Akoun : 7380€

other view of Alexander

detail of Alexander

other view of Ried

detail of Ried

"ried", 200x200cm mixed media Remember the fantasy who's in everyone present in the fog imposed by the truth.

Madeleine et Stella - 200x200cm Mixed media and golden leaf.

detail of madeleine

other view of madeleine

the xxl paintings

"Nassim" , or the wind livng 180x160cm 6 panels ondulated and flexible. Like the breath of life which evolves everywhere but not in the same way of everyone

detail of nassim


Vol de nuit, 220x200cm Oil on canvas. Rated by Akoun: Envol of souls if we could perceive them in the dark.

Evaluna - 200x200cm

unlimited : Palissade 720cmx 170cm Rated by Akoun : exhibition in greece

Brasilia - 260x100cm - mixed media and linen

Madeline" 220x90cm linen and mixed media

Anabelle tryptik" 230x90cm - mixed media and canva

tryptik annabelle - 230x90cm - mixed media and linen

It's huge but the most representative of my art , don't hesitate to loose your time to look inside, you will be surprised.