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Voici un bridge que j'ai refait entièrement, avec en dossier une toile de Nathacha Art, une artiste que j'aime beaucoup :) qu'en pensez-vous ?

collaboration of jeweler "Atelier Hammaecher - Scipion" strasbourg and Model: Sarah Gabriel, my work in the background!

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Creation & Reflexion


Painter and plasticist, abstract artist, because it's the emotions that counts in my opinion. I'm a 4 times mother and a beloved wife. Also I'm a big traveller.

This hectic life allowed me, in addition to various trades for food, to do what I want with my art, diversify my point of view thanks to a rich and a varied society and always create what please me emotionnally.

I like to be independant and feel free to do anything. Nature had had always provided for the human being's evolution, since humanity had always wanted to communicate through words, gestures or artistics senses.

My today's work's focus is based on "going beyond the tip of one's nose", a deep work and the superficiality vanishes.

Art is to me a spiritual activitie, helps to raise up your conscience and looks for a true life.


It isn't me who made artwork, it's the opposite.



Only if you like, and if you want, I invite you to offer me a warm beverage who gonna help me for the devellopement of my art !


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